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Organization of business and leisure events.

Company holidays. Company anniversaries.

Military events will allow the company to discover all the strengths and weaknesses of the company. We will also help you find team problems.

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During the Business events you will be able to try:

Airosft, Obstacle course, Combat Shooting, Military transport and drive it, Survival Training, Logical and Strategic Tasks, First Aid trainings, Psychophysical Tasks, Endurance and more.

Tasks can be both active and passive, suitable for both young and old.

We can transfer military entertainment to an intelligent platform, we will organize an exciting battle for you on military topics. We have heated tents suitable for parties and sleeping, as well as an area for your activities. Also, we offer catering and all other related services for your celebration.

The business events take place in a private military area where the atmosphere will be even more military. Professional instructors will take care of your great emotions and will help you (if desired) to get out of the comfort zone. During the event, we will give you military clothing, equipment and guns.

The events are for small and large teams. The event can last from a few hours to a few days. Military events are punctual and have excellent time management, so there are likely to be no delays 🙂 Well, so that the participants do not want to talk back, if you want, you will meet real, service K9 dogs at the event. 🙂

  • Meet your partners in an informal place.
  • Improve your teamwork skills.
  • Actively celebrate company events. 

Entertain new members of your team and form a team, present new products, company development and perspective plans.
If you are looking for a place for your company’s event and you are tired of traditional offers – our military entertainment is perfect for your active resting and a good time! 

KarinėsPramogos.LT is the largest organizer of military entertainment in Lithuania and is active since 2005.
P.s. If you want, there will be a helicopter!

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