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„Hungry soldier is not a soldier”.

We can take care not only of military entertainment but also of the satiety of soldiers. We adapt a specific food offer according to the chosen entertainment or the further course of the event.

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Our  Catering services range is very wide, so you can enjoy from a real military porridge to a pork baked during the event. Our professional chefs always share their experiences with guests, so don’t forget to talk to them whenever possible!

After intense military entertainment, the participants always want to get a delicious meal. Our team will take care of it.
Along with military entertainment, we can bring food all over Lithuania. We install a portable kitchen in a convenient place for you, where we make everything. For this reason, the food we provide maintains the highest quality and freshness! Usually all of our food is baked on the grill or using BBQ technology, where the food is cooked and smoked at the same time for a long time.
Do you have a vision for your food? Our team chefs will listen and prepare the dishes you want.

We adapt a specific food offer according to the chosen entertainment or the event. From the shashlik to the roast pork (baked for 14 hours). From chicken quarters to chicken’s corn. From smoked catfish to grilled tiger prawns. From fried vegetables to small round potatoes made according to a secret recipe. We also do not forget about vegetarians and vegans, for whom we also create a special and unique food selection.

We also adjust the course of the catering to the course of the event and your wishes. We can meet the guests of your event with snacks, serve lunch, dinner or even prepare snack for a night party.
If, however, food alone is not enough. We can also offer entertainment with food! Professional chefs can give a lecture on the matured beef and its preparation methods or the peculiarities of vegetarian cooking on the grill. We can also organize team cooking „workshops” or mini-BBQ championships with a good mood and prizes.

If you’re considering throwing yourself into a real army catering, we can offer stylized military meals in the middle of the battlefield! In this case, you will be able to feel what it means to eat fast and feel the pressure of the commanders.

Are you planning to cater for a large number of guests?

The mobile kitchen of „Karinės Pramogos” will come to your celebration and prepare the real feast for you. Our chefs – kitchen professionals will satisfy even the most discerning taste.

Contact us, present your idea for the event – and we will offer you the most suitable menu.

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