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During the civil resistance lectures, you will learn what you need to do when X-Day comes – how to take care of your family and how you can help your country.

The most common question is for how many days you need to prepare to be with the family autonomously and without the help of others? In these Civil Resistance Lectures, we’ll help you answer these questions!

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Civil resistance

Things you need to know – a family gathering and evacuation plan and the most important things to have with you. Also, every person who has the basics of survival in the wild will be able to increase not only their chances of survival in the wild, but also to help their family or friends.

During these lectures, we will introduce you to different tactics of civil resistance, such as non-violent protest, non-cooperation, non-violent intervention.

Also, a very important thing in civil resistance is the recognition of military equipment. Citizens must be able to recognize the equipment of both their forces and enemy forces, i.e. cars, armored vehicles, airplanes, etc.

From today’s examples, we see that part of society remains on the battlefield. So stay or evacuate from the action zone? Have you ever thought that your profession can determine the survival of the state? Do you have hiding places and retreat plans planned?

Have you ever wondered how you might be affected during a military aggression? Perhaps your material, social or professional situation can help you or harm you?

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