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Survival courses

Survival courses for beginners and advanced.

We can offer Survival Courses on your chosen hiking route, celebration or you can try our 24-hour training cycles!

We organize two-level survival training to help you respond appropriately to difficult, unexpected situations.

  • Level 1 Survival Course in 24 hours only or 44 useful things to help you survive an emergency
  • Level 2 Survival Course „Preparing for Military Conflict”.

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Survival courses LEVEL 1

A first-level survival skill package that provides you the knowledge and skills that enable a participant to use standard industrial tools effectively in an extreme situation.

Survival courses LEVEL 1 Content:

  • Clothing and equipment
  • Orienteering in the area
  • Protection of the victim against heat loss
  • Knotting
  • Use of in-vehicle tools for fire extraction
  • Fire extraction with means in your equipment
  • Individual warm-up
  • Individual and group housing
  • Food production
  • Water extraction in cold and hot weather conditions
  • Preparation of water for consumption.

Course advantages:

  • No waste of time – just productive learning.
  • Minimum of theory and 32 practical skills for a beginner.
  • Overcome for everyone – from teenager to senior.
  • It is possible to teach even in your yard.
  • The duration can be chosen according to your needs.

Survival courses LEVEL 2

The Level 2 Survival Course is an ongoing training event designed to provide knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable participants in the initial phase of a military (natural, industrial) crisis to increase their chances of preserving their personal and loved ones’ lives and to remain autonomous for some time. The knowledge and skills acquired in the Level 1 Survival Course are also applied and consolidated during the training.

Survival courses LEVEL 2 Content:

  • Preparation for military conflict (natural, industrial disaster).
  • To stay or not to stay in a war zone.
  • Dangerous finds in a war zone.
  • Improvised weapons for a self-defence.
  • Orientation with map and compass, determination of coordinates.
  • Establishment of an outdoor camp using natural means.
  • Types of scrap.
  • Food supply in nature and its preparation (useful plants, tips for hunting, non-standard food production methods).
  • Useful professions and skills (knots, production of lighting and heating equipment, non-standard methods of fire extraction, production of cutlery and crockery, etc.).
  • First aid – essential skills during a military (natural, industrial) crisis.

Course advantages:

  • Probably the only consistent course in Lithuania, preparing the society for crisis situations.
  • No waste of time – just productive learning in a compact area.
  • Minimal theory and lots of practical skills.
  • Level 1 Survival Course skills are consolidated.
  • Safely overcome by everyone – from teenager to senior.
  • After the course, there is time to recover and breathe before the new work week.


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