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Children’s birthdays

Children’s birthdays

A real joy for children and parents!

Experienced instructors, applying their experience, will involve the little ones in active, team activities that involve all participants in the children’s birthday party! Even for the smallest, great emotions – guaranteed!

Call for Children’s birthdays:

Soldier Instructor – will show and give you a ride with real military vehicles and also, will tell you a lot of interesting things about it. By participating in a fun line-up, shooting exercises and walking through obstacles course, children will be able to get to know each other in a different situation better. After a few tasks, you will get to know each other better.

However, let’s not forget the parents too! If desired, parents can join and participate in tasks or watch from the side-lines. Or maybe the parents will want to take on more serious tasks at the same time – to shoot from a real weapon or to drive armored personnel carrier?

Although it’sa private military area, please feel free to film or take photos of the military exercise and have great memories!

How about a festive table on a military birthday? For children’s birthdays we offer a comfortably equipped children’s playground with a gazebo for the festive events! And if a storm strikes, we will suggest moving your holiday to a heated military tent. Yes, we thought of everything!

What are the requirements for the participant? Good mood, comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes.

For the youngest – the ability to crawl 🙂

Upon request, taking into account the wishes of children and parents, we will create an individual program and organize any children’s birthday celebration on military topics. It could be a kindergarten graduation or an elementary school graduation party!

We know what it takes to keep kids happy because we are raising them too! 🙂

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