Rental of military vehicles

We offer Rental of military vehicles

From jeep to armored personnel carrier!

The largest selection of military vehicles for rent in a one place!

Filming, weddings, company parties, birthdays and wherever you think – we’ll deliver the transport for you!

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We offer Rental of military vehicles:

Get acquainted with military equipment:

  • Armoured FV432 – British Armoured Infantry Vehicle, otherwise known as a war taxi. The crew consists of 12 people, but as they say in the army, there will be enough space for everyone. You can drive this APC (Armoured personnel carrier) on our specially prepared track or rent it for filming or for your own celebration!
  • Armoured CET FV180 – Based on FV432 for trenching or road cleaning. An extremely rare exhibit that holds as much as half a ton of operating fluids! If necessary, we can dig trenches in your yard! Rent this APC for filming!
  • Blazer M1008 / M1028 – American Army Jeep (later replaced by Humwee-Hammer). A military jeep is used to transport cargo or people. Has a seating bench. Can be used for both forest entertainment or filming.
  • Blazer M1010 – American military, medical car. Inside you will find medical beds, stretchers and other medical equipment. Great for filming!
  • Humwee (Hammer) M998 – Well known to all as a Hammer. American Army, excellent service SUV. Able to go anywhere! Overcoming obstacles or tracks without any problems! Yes, he is overcoming the armoured track! Come and try it!
  • Volvo TGB20 – Military transport for the transport of troops. Not only are there comfortable bench for the soldier, but there are also seat belts and a heating system. Comfortable driving is ensured by a 6×6 wheel system. Come and try it!
  • Sauer Berna – Swiss pride! A big and menacing looking truck that can both transport people and tow a tank after itself!
  • LR (Land Rover) Lightweight 88 – The lightest Land Rover jeep for the British Army. Filming, celebration or wedding – this great looking jeep is for you!
  • ZIL 131 – Driven by a 6-wheel truck. The one we have is a communication/radio car. Come and see!
  • GAZ 66 (sauna) – After all the entertainment, you can freshen up in our sauna on wheels! We can deliver this sauna on wheels to the place of your choice – get in touch!

We rent military props: original military tents of various sizes and their heating equipment and systems, folding US military beds, camouflage nets, military decorations, clothing, helmets, replicas of real weapons, outdoor kitchens, decorations and other equipment.

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